Boudoir Photography T-shirts

boudoir photography t-shirts
boudoir photography t-shirts


In early 2015 I decided to create some photography related clothing and apparel for my boudoir clients and other photographers.

Aimed at celebrating body confidence and bravery with #ibravedtheboudoir I want to make this tag stand out and mean something to all the ladies who've had the courage to do this, YOU deserve it!

I have a variety of items available including t-shirts, vest tops, bags, aprons and hoodies. If you're having a shoot with me you'll spot a few tees and mugs around and about the studio.

For those who'd prefer a private memento, an apron or mug will still be a perfect reminder of that day your confidence beamed!!

boudoir photography apron
Whether you've had a shoot with me or another photographer, the designs are brand free so suitable for all

For Photographers

Concentrating on t-shirts, hoodies, vests and accessories the designs are cheeky, fun, meaningful to the wearer and most of all nerdy! Not everyone needs to understand what is on your t-shirt, just you and it can lead to some very interesting conversations!

These designs are not only great wear out but while you are photographing and with clients. If you are a boudoir photographer "Keep Calm And Shoot Boudoir" is fantastic to be seen in while shooting, as modelled above by Danielle H, my hair & make-up stylist!

Why not have photography themed mugs in your studio for your client to drink from, it looks the part and is encouraging!

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