Transgender Makeover Photography

Boudoir for the Transgender Community

Transgender Makeovers & Photo Shoots

We are extremely proud to now offer our boudoir photography and makeover services to the transgender community who are serious about getting beautiful and feminine portraits of themselves.

Due to the interest we've had for these fantastic trans photo shoots, it only seemed right to make a page dedicated to this area of photography. Whether you're transvestite, transsexual, t-girl, cross dresser or similar, we'd love to help you get stunning images.

We transformed and photographed our first t-girl in 2012 and had such fun that we couldn't help but want to do this over and over again. We understand how nerve-wracking this can be, especially if it's your first time but be assured, we are two very normal and down to earth girls who will make this experience one you'll thoroughly enjoy and remember forever!

So here we are with our gallery dedicated to the transgender community and we'd like to thank our lovely clients below for letting us feature a selection of their stunning boudoir portraits.

Which Shoot or Package is Best?

I advise the Lite Packages only for this area of photography. Simply because you can pick the poses you like, try them out and know are comfortable for you to do (sometimes the differences in anatomy can be a factor) giving us perfect results. However if you'd prefer a time based shoot and love posing, that is fine by me.

I have a variety of Lite Packages containing various amounts of poses which can be further customised pose and product wise if they aren't to your requirements - Lite Packages

What Do I need to Bring?

Any clothing, lingerie, bra fillers, shoes, jewellery and a good sense of humour! Please bring along your wig(s), they must be a decent quality otherwise it will show and ruin your shots and a nice set of false eyelashes. Feel free to bring anything else you wish to help tailor your photo shoot or look and we do have a nice variety of props available if you wish to use them.

Danielle my stylist will take care of all the make-up and wig styling so come fresh faced and smiling and we'll do the rest!